The Boastshed Cafe and Bar


Run, walk or cycle the 8km collection of steel boardwalks, gravel and cement paths, and footpaths that circumnavigates Narrabeen lagoon. In warm weather hit the water on a stand up paddleboard, kayak, windsurfer, paddle boat or join fisherman anchored in the deeper tidal channel. My cycle around the lake, which incidentally starts and finishes at Dee Why beach, coincides with Narrabeen Market Day and adds another interesting element to my visit. On the weekend this track is a well-worn path for families cruising around so it’s more of an amble than a fitness session. But don’t let the lack of calorie burning dissuade you from stopping at The Boatshed Cafe and Bar for a pot of tea and scones. Whether you’re cosy and warm upstairs gazing at the expansive views over the water, or in the outdoor seating area alongside the path, the location is impressive. The scones are homemade and although not mind-blowing, are tasty and fresh. What lets it down is the super-duper melt-before-reaching-the-scone cream, which we’re not sure, is from a can or from a lousy cream siphon, and the one teeny tiny jar of Beerenberg jam. I ask for more jam and am given one even tinier three-quarter filled Heinz sachet. Tight fisted or non-scone eaters? Either way, I wouldn’t order it again.


Jam:  to 


Tea: A selection of Temple Tea Co pyramid tea bags served in a pot that surprisingly is bigger than it looks.

Price: $$

Overall: Location, location, location.

Location: 11 Narrabeen St, Narrabeen NSW 2101 Ph: 02 9913 8938

Reviewed June, 2015

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