Cafe Bella Dee

DT@Cafe Bella Dee#

There’s no doubt about it, flowerpot scones are definitely a quirky way to have scones baked and delivered. At Cafe Bella Dee the potted scones are so popular that they take prime position on their menu. No ‘blackboard special’ or ‘every other day when the chef feels like it’ for these babies. Tucked away in the quiet streets of San Souci, and in walking distance of the pedestrian/cycle path that skirts Port Botany and the mouth of the Georges River, Cafe Bella Dee is a local secret spot ensconced in suburbia. Baked in a terracotta pot that I assume is not your usual garden variety, the scone has a consistency of a dense cake crossed with a scone. On the top, the scone is crispy but down towards the bottom of the pot it becomes soggy. The vanilla infused whipped cream tastes like Chantilly cream and is thick enough but the strawberry jam is average. Considering the size and density of the scone, there are definitely not enough of both. The spread is delivered on a breadboard with a newspaper-type place mat, which is cute and adds to the novelty.




Tea: A selection of T2 silk tea bag teas served in a good-sized teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A lively suburban café well away from hectic Rocky Point Road.

Location: 36 Tuffy Ave, Sans Souci NSW 2219 Ph: 02 9583 9016

Reviewed June, 2015

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