Deckchair Gourmet Cafe & Deli

DT@Deck Chair Gourmet Cafe & Deli-Augusta

Driving in, I like Augusta immediately. It feels ‘southern’, like a fishing village teetering on the edge of the earth, and I guess the unseasonal fog doesn’t help the vibe. Although unseen from the town centre, the Blackwood River that flows down from Margaret River, spills out into the Southern Ocean nearby, so locals and visitors have the best of both worlds: river and ocean. I’m not sure what makes Deck Chair a gourmet café. It smells like a take away shop and looks much more impressive on the outside than the inside. What café closes its kitchen at 1pm on a weekday? Isn’t that the middle of lunch? I also do a double take when my partner pays $19 for a coffee and a pre-made sandwich but my Devonshire Tea is a reasonable $8.50, but that’s with only one scone. The now common catch cry of “its WA after all” is wearing a bit thin. I nab the last scone that punches well above average for taste and texture. The jam is better than most commercial varieties and reminds me of the XL canned jam from my childhood. The cream is freshly whipped and refrigerated to keep its appreciated firmness. The café closes by 3pm, so make it an early afternoon tea.




Tea: A small selection of loose-leaf teas served in a pot.

Price: $$

Overall: The biggest café in a picturesque seaside town.

Location: 50 Blackwood Ave, Augusta WA 6290 Ph: 08 9758 0700

Reviewed March, 2015

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