Cape Lavender Tea House


Before I even enter Cape Lavender Tea House I can smell wafts of lavender floating through the air. Inside, the lavender theme is hard to ignore with the purple hue ever-present in the decor. Purple is my favourite colour so I am in heaven. There are a few small rooms to poke around in if you are in the mood for some shopping or want to try some luscious beauty products or jams. My senses are overloaded with so many perfect little details from the cow shaped milk jug to the lavender print on the tea ware that, no doubt, help create a highly successful tea house. The three choices of scones; lavender, plain and savoury (chives and cheese today), is bound to be a crowd pleaser. We are served strawberry jam infused with lavender, but if I’m honest, I am so infused with lavender – it’s in my scone, my tea and I’m surrounded by skin products that smell good enough to eat, I must say that I really can’t taste it. Apparently the jam flavour changes throughout the week, rotating between lavender infused raspberry or plum. The cream is thick and rich and tops off a sensational spread perfect to share with new or old friends. The little extra features like lavender printed crockery and the sprig of fresh lavender in the cream is a lovely touch. Don’t forget to taste the wide range of jams before you leave and maybe pick up some lavender tea and other goodies to take home.




Tea: A good choice of T2 loose-leaf teas and an organic decaffeinated lavender black, blended on-site.

Price: $$

Overall: Sensational! Don’t miss it!

Location: 2 Canal Rocks Rd, Yallingup WA 6282 Ph: 08 9756 6609

Reviewed March, 2015

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