Cafe 8


The canopy of a huge Fig tree creates much needed shade in the courtyard that houses Cafe 8 and a few other businesses. Denmark, the small country town west of Albany not the country, has a few cafes and after perusing, I manage to find Cafe 8 tucked away behind a bakery and that Fig tree. No doubt you will pass through Denmark at some stage. Perhaps to visit one of the wineries, on your way to the Valley of the Giants where the only Tingle Trees grow or to cool off in the swimming pool like waters of Green Pools. It’s easy to overstay as Denmark has much to offer. Cafe 8 promises homemade fare, and they aren’t lying, the scones definitely fall in to this category: light, fluffy and tasty. The jam is a commercial variety but rich and tastes of more than just sugar. The whipped cream has been prettily deposited on dishes and thoughtfully refrigerated. A great idea for warm days.




Tea: A small variety of loose-leaf teas and tea bags served in good-sized pot.

Price: $$

Overall: Surprisingly good and as promised – homemade.

Location: Shop 8, 27 Strickland St, Denmark WA 6333 Ph: 08 9848 2051

Reviewed March, 2015

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