Dome Cafe


DT@Dome Darwin Airport#

Darwin International Airport is compact and currently going through some minor renovations and additions. As in all small airports the dining pickings are slim, but Darwin has a Dome franchise that takes up quite a bit of the floor space with their cushy lounge chairs and booths looking out over the runway. Following the Dome franchise formular makes this a popular watering hole, whether to catch up on some work, recharge phones (I spy a few sneaky suspects) and fill up before their next destination. Like any business at any airport worldwide, you’re paying for the real estate and the fact that you’ve got no where else to go, so I find the cost of my Devonshire Tea quite high in comparison to the quality. Actually apart from the tea, the scones, jam and cream are rather tasteless and synthetic. The scones taste bread-like and are lightly toasted, a surefire way to mask freshness. The berry jam is full of fruit but doesn’t taste any better from the lower quality stock standard commercial variety. The cream is a similar consistency and quality as the supermarket canned cream but is slightly better, but still a cheap light version of quality whipped cream. Dome Cafe franchises are huge in WA, Tasmania and internationally in Bahrain, UAE, Malaysia, The Philippines, Maldives and Singapore.




Tea: Enough choice of loose-leaf teas to suit most tastes served in a good-sized pot.

Price: $$$

Overall: A comfy place to hang out if you have a long wait for a flight.

Location: Darwin International Airport, 1 Henry Wrigley Dr, Marrara NT 0820 Ph: 08 8928 1244

Reviewed February, 2015


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