Expresso Head


I stick my head into the tiny space that is Expresso Heads in downtown Dee Why (that’s the commercial hub not the surf side one) to ask whether they have any scones. Not expecting a positive reply, the waitress says that they have sold out (it’s only 11.30am) but she’ll pop down the road and pick up some more from the bakery. It doesn’t sound positive, but she assures us that Devonshire Teas are certainly on the menu. And so they are. We settle under one of the shady umbrellas on the wide footpath, which incidentally houses about 99 per cent of the café seating. Once the bakery scones are transferred from discreet paper bag to plate, the transformation and presentation is quite surprising. The small crusty but soft on the inside scones are dusted with icing sugar so on first bite they taste a little sweet. True to the menu, the cream is impressively double thick, the strawberry jam acceptable and for those who like to calorie load and their scones well-lubricated – there’s butter. Later we wander down the street and discover that the scone source is Dee Why Hot Bread.




Tea: A few choices of T2 pyramid tea bags served in a good-sized pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A pleasant and friendly café in the hub of the Dee Why town action.

Location: Shop 1/11-13 Oaks Ave, Dee Why NSW 2099 Ph: 02 9982 4700

Reviewed February, 2015

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