Ciao Thyme

DT@Ciao Thyme-Balmain

I’m no baker, but this doesn’t look like a lemonade scone – well, not one that I have had before. And actually, it doesn’t really taste like a scone either, tasting more like a square muffin or loaf. But this is what a lemonade scone served with jam and cream looks like at Ciao Thyme in Balmain. A cute corner cafe situated a few blocks towards the eastern end of Darling Street and far enough away from the busy-ness of Balmain, it feels positively relaxing. In this part of town, it’s hard not to notice the heritage that’s evident in the plethora of sandstone buildings and cute terraces and cottages dating back to Sydney’s early years. I am having such a pleasant experience that I don’t mind that my scone is a little weird, as my strawberry jam is better than your average and the Chantilly cream is just about right.




Tea: A good selection of loose-leaf teas served in handle free plunger pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A cute, chilled out and airy cafe in the quiet part of town.

Location: 212 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041 Ph: 02 9555 5455

Reviewed January, 2015

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