Katoomba Falls Kiosk

DT@Katoomba Falls Kiosk#

I know visiting anywhere that requires customer service on New Years’ Day is probably not the best idea. It’s 11am and we are the only customers at the Katoomba Falls Kiosk, and still the service is a little lax. Not slow or bad, just a tad blasé. From it’s historic exterior, the Kiosk has always intrigued me, but now, with doors thrown open to the warm summer’s day, the cafe is rather sterile and nothing more than an ordinary takeaway joint to lure tourists. It’s in the right spot as everyone driving to Scenic World or walking back from the Skyway, because they refuse to queue again for the return ride, will pass by it. The place has a lovely garden but not many shady tables when it’s hot, however maybe the umbrellas weren’t put out yet? Overall the whole spread is rather average, the scone is passable and fresh enough – not bad, the jam, good enough, but the cream too airy. Considering there are so many great Devonshire Tea options in the area, this spread, one scone and a mug of tea, is way overpriced for both quality and quantity.




Tea: A motley selection of tea bags served in a small coffee cup or mug.

Price: $$

Overall: Despite the location this cafe is soulless much like the tourist mecca up the road.

Location: Katoomba Falls, 102b Cliff Drv, Katoomba NSW 2780 Ph: 02 4782 4868

Reviewed January, 2015



2 thoughts on “Katoomba Falls Kiosk

  1. I really liked my hot chocolate. But!! The customer service is horrible! To the boss: you absolutely need to dismiss the two ladies. I can’t believe how unfriendly they have been. I just asked a normal question about closing the door cause it was really really cold and they just say that I can leave and that I don’t pay their bills. Actually we have been 6 persons and wanted to spend a lot of money there. I can’t believe how she talked to me. Absolutely not what I expected! She just gave me two to go cups instead of telling me that I could sit at another place.. I am really disappointed!

    • Hi Jess,

      Thanks for passing on your comment regarding Katoomba Falls Kiosk. I guess my experience wasn’t a ‘one off’ experience after all. It’s a shame as it is in such a fabulous location! With luck hopefully the place will improve.



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