Cafe Lakeview


A lake in Kingsford? Really? Not familiar with this area of Sydney, this supposed lake has me stumped. I Google the location of Cafe Lakeview at Gardens-R-Us to find that the garden centre is perched on the edge of The Lakes Golf Club, one of Australia’s prestigious private golf havens, which incidentally is peppered with lakes. From the deck of the café there is indeed a lake view, but in the distance. Surrounded by so much greenery and pottered plants, it’s hard not to shed the city and the stress that comes with living here. I’m so spoilt for choice that I don’t know whether to sit on the deck and relish the view of the distant lake or sit in the courtyard next to the fountain, among the greenery. This visit comes from a recommendation via The Devonshire Tea Guide’s Facebook page, so I have high hopes for the scones. The cake-like scones are fresh and light, slightly sweet with perhaps a hint of vanilla. The jam on the other hand is below average, tasting sickly sweet and of a low quality. The cream is fresh, but way too light as it’s out of a cream whipping dispenser as opposed to being stiffly whipped by an electric beater. But with good scones that are served in such a lovely environment, I think I can forgive the below par jam and cream.




Tea: A small variety of tea pouches served in a teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: Just what a weary city clicker needs – a double dose of greenery and peace.

Location: Gardens-R-Us, 75 Gardeners Rd, Kingsford NSW 2032 Ph: 02 96624910

Reviewed in December, 2014

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