Guellen’s Chocolatier and Patisserie

DT@Guellen's Patisserie-Dee Why

Before I visit Guellen’s Chocolatier and Patisserie I call to make sure they serve scones. I even go one step further and ask how they are served. Confirming that they come with jam and cream gives me the green light to drop by. The small chocolatier/patisserie/café is just off busy Old Pittwater road and although I am with a local friend of my mine, she doesn’t know it. The cafe doesn’t feel decidedly chocolate or cake inclined, with only a small choice of cakes, a box or two of chocolates on the counter and some bags of chocolate covered treats on offer. After a thorough scan of the cakes, I can’t find the sultana scones I had earlier asked about, but they tell me they have them out in the kitchen. When the spread arrives, it’s minus the cream with a few sachets of butter added to the Kraft jam. Thinking they may have forgotten, I ask about the cream. It seems that the husband and wife team aren’t on the same page about their scones so I’m offered thickened or aerosol can whipped cream. If only the wife could whip me up the thickened cream and all would be a lot better! After all of that, the sultana scone is okay, with lots of juicy fruit though out. Because I’ve waited for the cream, the edge of one of the scones becomes rock hard. Happy with the Tea Drop tea, but maybe you might want to try one of their chocolate-based drinks.




Tea: A small variety of Tea Drop pouches served on the side of a pot of hot water.

Price: $$

Overall: An uber  friendly cafe that’s best for chocolate things.

Location: 1 Pacific Pde, Dee Why NSW 2099 Ph: 02 9971 1881

Reviewed in December, 2014

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