The Station

DT@The Station-Wahroonga#

Previously known as Cafe Laurella, the owners have revamped this popular bright corner cafe and relaunched it as The Station. The floor-to-ceiling windows make the small space bright and airy and really allow you to check out all the mouth-watering sweets in the cabinet. I ask the barista how he copes working all day with a fresh tray of divine looking cinnamon scrolls in arms reach. The scones are by far not the most appetising sweets in the house, but we are The Devonshire Tea Guide after all not the Lemon Meringue Patrol (you get my drift). The lovely teacup and saucer is a bonus but really should be a given in cafes in 2014. Drinking tea in a thick-rimmed coffee cup is like drinking an expensive red wine out of a plastic cup – it just doesn’t work. The scone looks a bit too much like a bread roll but surprisingly tastes okay, but has no other redeeming qualities. The jam is average and a bit syrupy and although the cream is fresh, it’s been aerated not whipped, and far too light for me.




Tea: A selection of wonderful Tea Drop loose-leaf teas served in a good-sized pot.

Price: $$

Overall: The wicked desserts, and those cinnamon scrolls will get you in!

Location: 23 Coonanbarra Rd, Wahroonga NSW 2076 Ph: 02 9487 7233

Reviewed in November, 2014

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