The Art House


Essentially, The Art House is a cafe in a shopping mall. It’s airy and bright and looks out on to a quiet street, so if you are allergic to shopping malls, you’re far enough away not to notice where you are. The impressive tea menu is by Tea Drop teas, but I’m surprised with the use of tea bags rather than loose-leaf tea. Nonetheless, my honeydew green tea is so divine that I want another pot. I do like a good presentation, and The Art House doesn’t disappoint with my Devonshire Tea arriving on a breadboard and the tea arriving on its own separate tray. The scones are fluffy, although quite flat, but notably good. The jam on the other hand is rather average and the fresh cream is too light. Surprising is the 10 per cent Sunday/Public Holiday surcharge. Seriously, it’s a 24/7 society these days, surely these wage costs can be absorbed in other areas of the business, like in the $4 plus tea bag tea?




Tea: 20 plus varieties of Tea Drop tea bags served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: The perfect place to rest on a shopping trip or when catching a movie.

Location: 100/326 Camden Valley Way, Narellan NSW 2567 Ph: 02 4648 1511

Reviewed in November, 2014

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