Cafe On Louee

DT@Cafe Louee-Rylstone#2

It takes me a few minutes to find the ‘scones, jam and cream’ on the busy blackboard menu. Spacious and furnished with tables suitable for sharing or for parties larger than two, Cafe on Louee also has tables on the footpath and in the narrow courtyard that are more suitable for twosomes. Like many cafes in this neck of the woods, there is giftware for sale for shopaholics in need of a hit. When my scones land in front of me, a passing posse of women excitedly exclaim “oh scones,” just to reiterate to my reluctant tasting partner how popular they are. Surprisingly I am not asked whether I want a pot or cup of tea (I didn’t realise there was a choice), so my Lipton green tea arrives as a cup of hot water with a tea bag on the side. The scones are quite big, and there could be a bit more raspberry jam, although they have outdone themselves with the quality and quantity of the thickly whipped cream. Breaking the scones in half, I find the top half tastes markedly better than the slightly drier bottom half. The scones are sitting in the fridge, but I think if they were fresh from the oven they would have been hard to beat.




Tea: A selection of tea bags that’s either served in a cup or a teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: Great for groups who like a bit of gift shopping on the side.

Location: 84 Louee Street, Rylstone NSW 2849 Ph: 02 6379 1147

Reviewed September, 2014

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