Gulgong Sweet Delights

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I walked past Gulgong Sweet Delights on a previous visit to Gulgong where I stared forlornly at the ‘Devonshire Tea’ sign in the window. In small print it read ‘on Wednesdays and Weekends’, that was a Friday. So here I am again on a Sunday to try their sweet delights. The place is more shop than cafe, with lots of pewter condiment and salad spoons with gumnuts and koalas on the handles for sale and some second-hand clothing, shoes and books. There are jars of lollies and ice-cream sandwiches, and a few other items alongside the Devonshire Teas available. It’s all quite rustic and we choose a seat in the courtyard to enjoy the spring sunshine. The $6 spread has all the trimmings: butter (if you are that way inclined), rich raspberry jam, clotted cream and a wedge of lemon for the tea in case you don’t take milk. I have to say that I am immensely impressed with the cream. It may not be your British standard clotted cream, but it comes pretty close for us Australians. The only downfall is the scones, which is a real shame. They are stone cold and could do with a blast of heat to soften and bring out their flavour.




Tea: A pot of black loose-leaf tea with an extra jug of hot water for topping up.

Price: $$

Overall: Absolutely brilliant, but hopefully the scones are usually better.

Location: 75 Herbet St, Gulgong NSW 2852 Ph: 02 6374 1263

Reviewed September, 2014

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