The White Rose Cafe

DT@The White Rose Cafe#2

There’s something special about finding remnants of a real 1950s milk bar; a marble top stainless steel bar, milkshakes served in stainless containers and touches here and there that scream original and eclectic. It’s something you wouldn’t expect in a small town on the Castlereagh Highway that sees mainly a transient traveller stopping to stretch their legs. The White Rose Cafe is quite a surprise. Not only does it have some original style but also sells a brilliant Devonshire Tea for a bargain price of $6. The tea is a bit too weak and the cream too light but the presentation is superb, arriving on a breadboard with a cute glass for the tea. The jam reminds me of my childhood and tastes just like IXL jam out of a can. The scones are creamy and fluffy – definitely homemade. Dunnedoo is well and truly worth a stop for the scones.




Tea: A small choice of loose-leaf teas served in a teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A cool 1950s style milk bar serving a value-for-money Devonshire Tea.

Location: 48 Bolaro St, Dunedoo NSW 2844 Ph: 02 6375 1017

Reviewed September, 2014

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