Buongiorno Beecroft

DT@Buongiorno Beecroft

The Buongiorno Beecroft is a small Italian cafe tucked away in an arcade in Beecroft shopping village. Before I order one of the sultana scones sitting on the counter, I ask how they are served just to be sure that I am having a Devonshire Tea. There’s a discussion in the servery about the pronunciation of ‘scone,’ which sounds absurd, like I am the first person to have ever ordered one. There’s also a small glitch with the tea order. Although I repeat my tea order twice, I still end up with the wrong tea. My scone arrives split in half and toasted, with a distinct sweet aroma. It’s hard to comment on a toasted scone; perhaps it’s to disguise the lack of freshness? The ordinary is super-duper sweet and so too is the squirt of cream straight from a can. Overall the whole shebang is too sweet.




Tea: A selection of six T4u loose-leaf teas and a range of tea bag teas served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A tucked away Italian themed cafe.

Location: 6-8 Hannah St, Beecroft NSW 2119 Ph: 02 9484 5034

Reviewed August, 2014