The Cafe At Alfresco Emporium

DT@The Cafe at Alfresco Emporium#2

Not a homeware shopping kind of gal, I must say I’ve passed Alfresco Emporium many times without a thought to stop and take a peek. After a Google search for scones in Collaroy, I land on their web page and then the next day in their cafe. What a find! No doubt savvy locals have been keeping this gem all to themselves, hoping it won’t get too popular so you won;t have to queue. We arrive about an hour before its early closing time of 3pm on a Sunday. It’s empty for all of two minutes then everyone decided to have afternoon tea at once. Although we got our orders in before the rush, there was still a bit of a wait. The scones looked mighty fine sitting in their own glass display, but on arrival are slightly dry and a bit chewy on the bottom from being heated up. No doubt, first thing in the morning, they would have been exceptional. The mixed berry jam is right up my alley – rich and tart. They have jars of it and other varieties for sale adjacent to the cafe. I just want to warn you not to get excited over the mention of ‘clotted cream’ on the menu. Simply – because it isn’t. It’s double thick dollop style cream, which don’t get me wrong, is much better than some of the light whipped cream options you often get, but it’s false advertising.




Tea: Six choices of Pure Tea loose-leaf served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: The perfect place to shop ’til you drop for homewares then chill in the cafe.

Location: 1021 Pittwater Rd, Collaroy NSW 2097 Ph: 02 9919 0619

Reviewed July, 2014

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