Le Beau Cafe

DT@Le Beau Cafe-Morpeth#2

Le Beau Cafe has ‘women only’ written all over it. Not that men aren’t allowed, I did see one or two in there, but because it is the equivalent to women as a sports bar is to men. It feels very chic and oh so feminine, and you can’t help but feel like a lady. While my beau potters around a second-hand store, I suck up the female chatter and buzz at one of only a few free tables. The rear deck that has views of the Hunter River and the landmark Morpeth Bridge is full, and rightly so as it’s cute and cosy, and has that view! It’s too miserable today to sit outside at the front of the cafe, so I find a spot in the main area near the servery. Service is polite and swift, maybe there’s a break from the customers as it sounds as though the crowds are doing a lot of nattering rather than eating – it’s that sort of place. There is no set Devonshire Tea on the menu, which means order however many scones as you like. The waitress apologises when she delivers my scone, saying she’s run out of the packets of jam and she had to dish some out. It’s my lucky day then. Who wants to eat jam from a tiny plastic box? I’d rather my jam arrive in a dish any day. The dollop of cream on my plate is very lightly whipped but at least it’s fresh rather than from a can. The scones are the winners here: fresh, light and fluffy. Love the matching and colourful tea ware, it’s a nice touch and matches the decor. It can get pricey if you order big. I only had one scone and a pot of tea, and it cost me the same as many Devonshire Teas that come with two scones. Closed on Mondays.




Tea: A choice of four varieties of loose-leaf teas served in a pot.

Price: $$

Overall: The cafe oozes French shabby chic.

Location: 4/142 Swan St, Morpeth NSW 2321 Ph: 02 4934 2001

Reviewed June, 2014

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