Crisada’s Riverview Cafe

DT@Crisada Riverview Cafe-Morpeth

Crisada’s Riverview Cafe is a bit of a conundrum. On the outside, most of the cafe looks as though it’s part of the historic Tea Room but upon entering the menu on the wall and the general aroma of the place screams take away food shop. Actually it reminds me of the Greek take away shops from my childhood (that’ll be the 70’s and 80’s). This is when it becomes puzzling, you have to wait to be seated and then are given a thick menu that is filled with an extraordinary list of teas. What a – ahem – unusual set up. The scones aren’t bad, soft and fresh and quite big, but the jam and cream are pretty disappointing. There’s not enough of both to start with and the cream is sweet and straight out of a can. I decide not to ask for extra after I overhear a diner being told by the gruff cook that he ‘might’ be able to have sourdough bread for an extra dollar. Weird considering we’re right next door to Morpeth Sourdough Bakery. Before I leave I have a peek in the adjoining original part of the building in search of evidence of its former life as a Tea Room (that’s what the sign on the outside of the building says). Nope, nothing there, only a dining room decked out with inexpensive generic furniture – what a crying shame.




Tea: A surprisingly ridiculous variety of black, Australian, infusions and specialty loose-leaf teas served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: Exceptional possie by the Hunter River.

Location: 144 Swan St, Morpeth NSW 2321 Ph: 02 4934 1356

Reviewed June, 2014


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