Riverview Deck Cafe

DT@Riverview Deck Cafe-Paterson#

Who would have thought that with only a handful of businesses in town that at least two of them serve Devonshire Teas. This one is kind of cool. The Riverdeck Cafe is only a small part of the bigger business picture. The cafe runs alongside a gift shop, a working petrol station and a car mechanic. Handy if you need to get your car serviced as you can spend several hours on the back deck that looks over the Paterson River and the impressive rail bridge. It’s quiet and far from the rambling trucks that pass by out front and when the countryside is green, the lush landscape is a sight for sore eyes. There are lots of home-baked cakes on the front counter in the cashiers’ area (in the middle of the business) and a stack of scones. Order as many or as little as you like as items are priced separately. The scones have once again proved that folk in the country know how to make a good scone. Light with a creamy aftertaste, they are a pleasure. The jam and cream punch well above average and there is plenty of both. Overall this is a great choice.




Tea: A huge variety of Twinnings and Lipton’s teabags served in a good-sized pot.

Price: $$

Overall: The river view is magic.

Location: 26 King St, Paterson NSW 2421 Ph: 02 4938 5133

Reviewed June, 2014

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