Vanilla On Church

DT@Vanilla on Church#

The beachside resort of Terrigal is busy. It’s a balmy winter’s day and the traffic is crawling aa snail’s pace and the cafes and the Crown Plaza Terrigal are bursting with people. Stroll along the beach under Norfolk Pines or do nothing and absorb the resort ambience. Considering the plethora of eateries I only find Vanilla On Church selling scones, so I pull up a chair outdoors in the disappearing sun and nab the last two scones. The first thing I notice when my Devonshire Tea arrives is the cream. I’m not sure whether I should be shocked, appalled or just puzzled by the puddle of liquid cream, as it is the runniest cream I have ever been served with my scones. Imagine the other end of the spectrum to clotted cream, that’s what I have. I’m too stunned to take the cream back and ask whether it was a mistake as perhaps they are too lazy to whip the cream that’s obviously been poured straight out of the container. But maybe the dish has come straight out of the piping hot dishwasher and the double thick cream has melted? I’ll never know, but all I can say is – weird. The jam looks synthetic, and alongside the cream, there’s not enough to go around. The best part of the ensemble without a doubt are the scones: crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Maybe the cream is a one-off and you have better luck if you visit.




Tea: A variety of Q Tea loose-leaf teas served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: Although a block from the beach, it’s still a nice sunny corner to while away some time.

Location: 17 Church St, Terrigal NSW 2260 Ph: 02 4385 1960

Reviewed June, 2014

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