Tea Monkey Lounge

DT@Tea Monkey#2

With subtle lighting, concrete floors and a cavernous location slightly set off the street, Tea Monkey seems almost mysterious. What get’s me is the eye candy. Not of the human kind but of the tea kind – it’s a shopfront for the online tea business. You can sniff your way through a couple of trays of loose-leaf teas while you wait, maybe make a purchase, there are teas, candles, soaps, diffusers and of course teapots for sale. The staff is well rehearsed in all things tea and give good advice if you are looking to purchase or try a special brew. The place sometimes doubles as an informal venue; I see an advert for a gig at 2pm the Saturday I visit. My tea arrives first, and alongside my brewing pot is an egg timer, which I am advised to use so I know when my tea is ready for pouring. My large plain scone (there is date scones as well) is served with double thick cream and strawberry jam that is better than the usual commercial variety. I’ve got to say that the tea is the winner here, but points for trying with the scone, it just doesn’t have the quality as the tea does. Closed on Mondays




Tea: 45 varieties of loose-leaf teas on offer.

Price: $$

Overall: A contemporary tea house vibe.

Location: 9-11 St Johns Ave, Gordon NSW 2072 Ph: 02 9499 5848 www.teamonkey.com.au

Reviewed June, 2014

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