Bakehouse on Park


To be honest, I’m not too keen on the ‘Bakehouse On Wentworth’ outlets in the Blue Mountains. Maybe it’s because I’m not an avid meat pie eater. When I tried the Devonshire Tea at their Blackheath store, it was pretty dismal and after buying some pricey yet underwhelming cakes there a few weeks back, I just failed to see the attraction. However, I reasoned with myself to be open-minded, it is a guide after all for all sorts of tastes, expectations and desires. So after I settle in at the sunny bar that runs along the window at the Bakehouse On Park in Glenbrook, and my well-priced Devonshire Tea arrives, I am unexpectedly surprised. The scones look good and break apart nicely. They have a lovely texture and taste but are let down by the ordinary jam, that needs to be doubled in quantity (the scones are big), and the very lightly whipped cream. Overall, it’s a huge improvement on the Blackheath spread and maybe I’ll try the one in Leura and Springwood next.




Tea: A small selection of Lipton teabags served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: The sunny possie in winter is a prime spot on Park Street.

Location: 31 Park St, Glenbrook NSW 2773 Ph: 02 4739 2288

Reviewed June, 2014

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