The Cafe Sienna

DT@The Cafe Sienna-Annandale#

The only reason I had heard of The Cafe Sienna in Annandale is because of the High Tea deal I saw on one of the cheap coupon websites. When I called to ask whether I could order scones on their own, I couldn’t quite get my message across so I decided to just pop in. Located on a quiet leafy street corner in lovely Annandale, the beautifully restored corner store with sky-high ceilings and large picture windows is a pleasant place to hang out in or outside. I slide in next to a table that is reserved and set for high tea with a dainty tea cup and saucer, which causes me great disappointment when I end up with a thick rimmed coffee cup instead. It’s not just me that has been duped; the lady outside gets the same cup with her pot of T2 tea. Although I ask at the counter about the scones, a menu is still shoved into my hand even though there are no scones listed. I tell the waitress what I want, and guessing its part of a high tea wrongly assume the scones will be bite size. Instead my two scones arrive the size of dinner rolls, so I send one back. The bread roll looking scone is steaming hot (from the microwave) with a dry top. They are neither ravingly good nor scathingly bad, just average, which is a real shame as the chilled thickly whipped cream is sensational. The cherry jam is plentiful and different but it is mostly sickly sweet syrup than rich fruit. A place to linger with free WiFi on offer.




Tea: 18 choices of T2 loose-leaf teas served in a good-sized teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: A sneaky cafe tucked away in the mellow Annandale streets.

Location: 61 Annandale St, Annandale NSW 2038 Ph: 02 9560 2698

Reviewed June, 2014

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