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DT@Piccolo Caffee Expresso-Katoomba#2

Situated in the previous digs of Sugar & Spice Cafe on the Big W/Woolworths side of the Katoomba Arcade, Piccolo Caffee Expresso looks pretty much the same apart from the roller girl mannequin out the front. The cafe is warm and the service friendly, if not quiet the Friday afternoon we visit. I’m impressed when a teacup and saucer arrive rather than a thick-rimmed coffee cup, which is obviously not a hard thing to do, I just wished other cafes could follow suit. Both plain and orange and current scones are available, so I take one of each, looking forward to something slightly different. The scones have that microwave warmth to them, and any longer being nuked would be too much. I do prefer the flavour and texture of the orange and current scone, whereas the plain is a bit chewy. The strawberry jam is quite average and doesn’t add any quality to the spread. The lightly whipped cream is sweet and erring towards Chantilly cream. Great if that’s your preference.




Tea: A small variety of tea bag teas served in a good-sized pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A quiet cafe tucked away from the tourists tramping the main street.

Location: Shop 6, 147 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780 
Reviewed May, 2014

8 thoughts on “Piccolo Caffee Expresso

  1. Hi Toni
    Coralie here one of the owners of Piccolo Caffe Katoomba. Thank you for your review its great to get honest feedback after all it is what has the potential to make us better. I will take on board everything you mentioned and hope if you visit again we can serve you even better.
    Best Wishes

    • Hi Coralie,

      Thanks for your email. Great stuff! There’s so much competition in the Blue Mountains for scones, I don’t think I’ve come across this many Devonshire Teas in such a small area, not even Tassie. I love it!

      It is only my humble opinion after all, but my boyfriend who isn’t into scones, but ate a lot at boarding school, gives me his honest opinion as well, which helps. But I think it’s the overall spread. Keep serving tea with a proper tea cup, it’s a big difference for a tea drinker 🙂 And, also the orange and current scones. I think the only other place I’ve had them is at Brown Siding (that was a while ago now), and maybe the Diner in Blackheath might do them. I think they are a lovely combination. 🙂

      Well done for taking over the place and all the best for the business.

      Kind regards,


  2. Greetings Toni
    This is a delightful cafe which I have happily followed from Mt Victoria.
    The food is and always has been fresh, excellently cooked & presented and delicious.
    Coralie and Alex provide vegetarians with a great choice in all manner of goodies, which is more than can be said for many local cafés, as well as catering for more general tastes.
    I find them friendly. Their prices reasonable and the service excellent.
    I don’t know what James is talking about. If the experience he mentions did happen, it would be a rare aberration and he may have to examine his own behaviour and motives.
    I also like the music played there and the musical instruments that decorate the café.
    I think it has a lot going for it and enjoy eating there when I’m shopping in Katoomba.

    • Hi Diane,

      Thanks for your email. I’m so glad you have had only lovely experiences at Piccolo Caffee Expresso. Reviewing cafes and food is challending as everyone has their own expectations, likes and dislikes, and experiences at the time. And same as you, I did have only but friendly service.
      I too also noticed the music and enjoyed it.

      Once again Diane, thanks for sharing your experience and if there is a cafe I have missed in the Blue Mountains serving scones, please be sure to let me know!



      • Thanks for your response, Toni.
        I’m afraid I’m not a fan of scones with or without jam and cream. (They’re not called Devonshire teas in Devon!) so I really can’t help you with your search for the most delicious.
        But I had lunch today back at the Piccolo Café.
        When you live alone it’s important to go to places that make you feel welcome and at home. It’s far more than just getting a good meal or value for money.
        So scones or no scones, I enjoy the meals I have at the Piccolo, as well as at several other cafés and restaurants in the Blue Mountains. But the apple pie and cream at the Megalong Valley Tea Rooms is to die for!

      • Hahaha, I know Diane. In the UK, they are Cream Teas. I decided on Devonshire Teas because most cafes in Australia call them that OR just scones! I’ll have to try the apple pie next time I’m in the Megalong.

        Thanks for the tip!


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