Ben Roberts Cafe & Gallery

DT@Ben Roberts Cafe - Lawson#

I was surprised to find this bright cafe tucked away behind the Lawson pub, which seems to dominate the village when you are arriving from the east. A lonesome sandwich board points potential customers in the right direction if you are walking down from the Great Western Highway, otherwise heading down behind the pub is the easier option to find the Ben Roberts Cafe & Gallery. While I sit waiting for my scones to arrive I wonder who is Ben Roberts? Apparently it’s the guy who built the original cottage in 1893, which housed local tradesmen of the time like the local boot maker. There’s no remnants of the old cottage anymore as the place is fully renovated and is a bit of an art gallery, although I don’t really notice much art as I am sitting in the glass-enclosed verandah, but I’m sure it’s there. It’s fairly quiet during my visit so I can hear what’s going on in the kitchen. I smile when I hear the whizz of the eggbeaters because that means fresh cream, but my shoulders slump when I hear the ding of the microwave. When my spread arrives it looks pretty good, although I’m not really impressed with the Nerada tea. I drink this at home as a basic standard tea, so I don’t want to pay for it at a cafe. The jam is pretty ordinary, but as I thought, the cream is freshly whipped. The scones aren’t bad, they are a little dry on top and have that microwaved thing going on, but they’ll definitely do.




Tea: A variety of tea bag teas served in a pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A pleasant place to chill out.

Location: 10 Benang St, Lawson NSW 2783 Ph: 02 4759 1511

Reviewed May, 2014

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