Nessie’s Daffodil Tearoom

DT@Rick Rutherford's Country - Lawson#2

If it wasn’t for the heavy Easter Sunday traffic through the Blue Mountains, I might not have made the diversion from the Great Western Highway at Lawson and made the stop at Rick Rutherford’s Country. I spot the Devonshire Tea sign pretty quickly and was in Badger House before my partner could protest. The cottage, Badger House (read the history on the back of the menu), is chock-a-block full of feminine knick knacks including homeware, kitchen and tea ware, soaps, basically the ultimate country-style giftware shop including a whole room dedicated to Christmas decorations. I am in seventh heaven, as I love tea cups and tea pots, and in Nessie’s Daffodil Tearoom you are totally surrounded by all these goodies. The host is Rick Rutherford himself, charming and welcoming, he makes you feel comfortable at once with his easy conversation and genuine warmth. The shop is extremely cluttered with goods and I find it difficult to concentrate on the menu as my senses are overloaded. In addition to the Devonshire Tea, on offer are High Teas and a small choice of cakes and slices. The scones are a perfect snack size, but would be much better warmed as cool they taste slightly dry. The strawberry jam is average but the cream is cool and freshly whipped – lovely.




Tea: A good range of loose-leaf tea from the Blue Mountain Tea Company.

Price: $$

Overall: A cosy tearoom surrounded by a giftware haven.

Location: ‘Badger House’, 3 Badgery Cres, Lawson NSW 2783 Ph: 02 4759 3434

Reviewed April, 2014

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