Cafe Latte



Cafe Latte is a popular cafe smack bang in the middle of the busy main shopping drag in Orange that tends to draw in the shopping crowds. Large yet cosy with seating on the footpath as well as plenty inside for the cooler months, the place is a pleasant stop for a meal. I can’t really promote the scones, as they are pretty ordinary, brought in rather than baked on site. You can order as many as you like as there is no ‘Devonshire Tea’ package, and they come already halved with the jam and cream on top. The scone is rather sweet and not particularly light nor fresh. The jam is the stock standard variety and the aerosol-canned cream dissolves minutes after I receive the order. Do I need to continue? Perhaps try something else on the menu.




Tea: T2 teabag served in a large pot.

Price: $$

Overall: Comfy and popular cafe on the main strip.

Location: 173 Summer St, Orange NSW 2800 Ph: 02 6363 1855

Reviewed April, 2014

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