Aroma Cafe


I believe that a well-rounded guide offers a summary of not just the best of what’s around, but also the not-so-great. It’s a good way to compare and know when you’ve stumbled on something that little bit special. Aroma Cafe tucked away in a quiet street in Springwood, is a comfy cafe serving simple fare at affordable prices. My Devonshire Tea comes in at a rock bottom $6.50, for one large scone and a pot of tea. Before you get excited, I must point out that I would prefer to spend twice that much for a higher quality spread. The single scone tastes more like a sweet breadroll than a fluffy scone, and I find it difficult to get through. The low quality jam is super sweet and the cream is super light straight from a can. If it’s price and a relaxed atmosphere you’re after than Aroma Cafe may be the place, but don’t expect an award-winning Devonshire Tea.




Tea: A Twinnings tea bag served in a small teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: Inexpensive but not high on quality.

Location: 2 Raymond Rd, Springwood NSW 2777 Ph: 02 4751 9400

Reviewed March, 2014

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