The High Tea Garden

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The first thing I notice as I pass by the ‘pop up style’ cafe that is The High Tea Garden, are the beautiful trios of cups, saucers and cake plates, just waiting to be used. I’m a sucker for feminine tea ware and am known to scour vintage shops just to admire them, so this place is right up my alley. The dainty floral mishmash of Royal Albert tea ware is a nice touch as is the three-tiered cake plate my scones arrive on. Don’t be discouraged by the cafe name as yes, High Teas are at the top of their menu, but sandwiches, salads and cake/tea combinations as well as Devonshire Teas are served. The pastry chef, who has incidentally baked my scones this morning in the cubbyhole that is the cafe’s nucleus, serves the few patrons in the cafe this morning. My scones have that homemade look but come already sliced, which is annoying, as I like to tear mine apart. The scones are by no means the best I’ve tried, they’re rather salty and I would love to have them slightly warmed to serve. The sliced strawberries lurking around on the tiers as well as one in the middle of the chilled thickly whipped cream are a bonus. For all the presentation whooha, the ordinary jam is a let down, even a higher quality commercial one would be better. Considering the size of the scones, the jam and cream portions could be a bit more generous, I had to go back and ask for more jam and used my cream sparingly. At $15, it’s a little bit pricey because at the end of the day you’re in the middle of a shopping mall after all!




Tea: A vast selection (26) Tea Centre loose-leaf teas served in gorgeous Royal Albert teapots.

Price: $$$

Overall: Impressive presentation that creates a pretty tea room ambience.

Location: Chatswood Chase, Level 1, 345 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067  Ph: 02 9419 7755

Reviewed March, 2014

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