Pie In The Sky

DT@Pie in the Sky-Cowan#2

The Pie in the Sky pie shop in Cowan, on the old windy road to Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River was a petrol station in its former life and has all the tell-tale signs that it’s a favourite with motorbike riders. Maybe it’s the cafe’s convenient location for day-trippers? Perhaps the stunning view? Or is it the carpark that is often brimming with thousands of dollars worth of motorbikes? Then it has to be the extensive menu of hearty pies that the place is famous for, doesn’t it? Whatever it is, they must be doing something right as it’s tucked away for only those in the know to see. I stumble upon it on my way down to Brooklyn in the pouring rain, and needless to say it’s quiet. Amongst the long list of pies, I notice the scones and chuckle as I imagine a burly bloke in leather tucking into a plate. If only my boyfriend could see it, then he might stop the constant referencing to his privates transforming into women’s bits. You get the picture. The whole Devonshire Tea affair is average, with neither the scones nor the jam and cream making any impression with most of the crumbly scones staying untouched. Bravo for the copious amounts of cream and jam, there are no reasons we should be held back with the toppings!




Tea: Twinnings tea bags served in a good-sized pot

Price: $$

Overall: A handy rest stop with lots of room to move enroute to the Hawkesbury River.

Location: 1296 Pacific Hwy, Cowan NSW 2081 Ph: 02 9985 7018 www.pieintheskycowan.com.au
Reviewed February, 2014

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