Wellspring Expresso

DT@Wellspring Cafe-Berowra

Sometimes Wellspring Expresso can be mistaken for a bike shop going by the numbers of bikes racked up in front and the large groups of Lycra clad folk sipping coffees. The group I see are even sponsored by the cafe so they fit right in with jerseys that match the signage. I first noticed the cafe on a drive down to Berowra Waters and make a special trip this time, taking a diversion from the freeway to the original Pacific Highway. I call before I arrive, just to make sure the blackboard sign advertising scones last time wasn’t a one-off. “They’re in the oven,” I’m told. Although the scones are ‘just out of the oven’ they don’t particulary taste like it, and should taste better than what they do, coming in just above average. The jam and cream are sub standard, the jam being very sweet and lacking any inkling of fruit and the cream too light and airy. Perhaps if the jam and cream were of better quality the scones may have a better chance at tasting better.




Tea: Choose from either a cup or pot of loose-leaf tea.

Price: $$

Overall: Not a bad stop if you’re taking the back road to Brooklyn.

Location: 4 Berowra Waters Rd, Berowra NSW 2081 Ph: 02 9456 5006
Reviewed February, 2014

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