@15 Cafe

DT@@15 Cafe - Mogo#2It just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. Looking at @15 Cafe from the Princes Highway, you wouldn’t think that behind the front door is an eclectic cafe serving homemade plain and date scones with an interesting collection of gifts to sift through while you wait. I’m a sucker for teapots and cute teacups, anything that’ll spruce up an afternoon tea. If you don’t have any spare cash to take something home with you, sit amongst the goodies, otherwise on a nice day, sit on the front or side deck. The Devonshire Tea comes with one scone, so I try the date, although both look appealing. The scone is a bit dry, but maybe it’s due to it being the afternoon, as no doubt it would have been superb straight out of the oven. I’m well impressed with the thick cream, as not enough cafes put this much effort into the cream.




Tea: A small variety of tea bags served in a boring teapot considering they sell lots of cute ones in the gift shop.

Price: $$

Overall: Good shopping if you need a new teapot or teacup.

Location: 15 Princes Hwy, Mogo NSW 2536 
Reviewed February, 2014

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