Tilba Teapot Cafe


After the obligatory wander up both sides of Bate Street in Central Tilba, and maybe even a short diversion up to the lookout, grab a bite to eat at the Tilba Teapot Cafe. Non tea lovers shouldn’t be fooled by the giant teapot on the outside as the place does a roaring trade with some mean looking burgers and sandwiches. Whether you sit on the back deck, which is more balcony than spacious seating area, under the eaves on the footpath out the front or inside, the Tilba vibe is never far away. Today I get to try both plain and date scones, which are truly delectable. I prefer the plain as its outer crispy shell blends well with the fluffy inside, although my partner says they are a bit salty, and I find the date scone a bit sweet. There is no scrimping on the jam and the cream is freshly whipped but a bit too much on the light and airy side.




Tea: A small variety of loose-leaf teas are available.

Price: $$

Overall: A value for money eatery in a tourist town.

Location: 2/17 Bate St, Central Tilba NSW 2546 Ph: 02 4473 7811
Reviewed February, 2014

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