Our Book Shop & Cafe


On weekdays Berry moves slowly. It’s when the locals come out to enjoy the cafes without having to jostle for a table with the waves of visitors at weekends. I like it – peaceful and relaxing. It’s easy to sniff out scones in Berry, so I try Our Book Shop & Cafe, a largish cafe that’s a combination of inside seating at the front and a rear courtyard that has an entrance from a carpark. Just off the shady courtyard a dining room has shelves of second-hand books, and out the front, next to the cafe entrance is a bookshop that also sells cool cards and children’s toys.  The scones are not long out of the oven, so I pace myself and settle for one. It’s fresh, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, but unfortunately the jam and cream are a little ordinary; too sweet and too light.  I try not to salivate over the lemon meringue pies and banoffi tarts as I simply couldn’t fit either of them in after my scones.




Tea: A variety of tea bags served in a good-sized pot.

Price: $$

Overall: A chilled hangout with a kicking outdoor courtyard for warmer weather.

Location: 103 Queen St, Berry NSW 2535 Ph: 02 4464 1920
Reviewed February, 2014

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