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DT@Alice's Tea Cafe-Westfield Chatswood#
With a name like Alice’s Tea Cafe, it’s hard not to associate the mad-hatterish decor with Alice in Wonderland. Looking very bright and cute with an I-want-to-check-you-out vibe, Alice’s Tea Cafe doesn’t disappoint with piquing the interest of passersby. I see many stop to flick through a menu as diners sit amongst birdcages, harlequin painted walls and a mish-mash of coloured furniture. The glass cabinet is filled with sweet treats that find themselves on to three-tiered plates for the popular high teas. Considering the theme, there are a few children’s tables and toys spread about the cafe to keep kiddies amused. The day I visit, there seems to be some confusion as there are lots of staff behind the counter with a few in training. I am told to take a seat, but after being overlooked I am told I have to order at the counter, a tad annoying. I end up with a plain scone, although I do see sultana ones in the cabinet, and wonder why I’m not given a choice. The scone is warm, large and soft with a semi-burnt top, and the mock cream melts straight away. There’s also not enough of the jam that is sickly sweet rather than sweetly fruity.  The concept and decor blows me away, but not enough for me to suggest the Devonshire Tea.




Tea: A variety of loose-leaf T2 teas served in a good-sized pot.

Price: $$

Overall: The Alice-in-Wonderland-esque theme is great for girlie chats with added fun for kids.

Location: Westfield Chatswood, Level 3, 1 Anderson St, Chatswood NSW 2067 Ph: 0433 018 632
Reviewed in February, 2014

4 thoughts on “Alice’s Tea Cafe

  1. It is nothing like the photos show! Worst service and food quality ever experienced! Not one good thing to say about Alice’s Tea Cafe or their attempt at High Tea!

    • Hi Lee,

      Yes, I must admit that the service was terrible, and the scones dreadful…I feel the same as you. While I was waiting for my Devonshire Tea I was chatting to someone who was having a High Tea, and she wasn’t particularly impressed. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it AT ALL, but I have to try and find something positive :-), and the decor ‘trys’ to emanate this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ vibe..sort of. I can tell at once that a place will be below par. It usually starts with a phone call to ask about their scones and as soon as I walk in I can ususally tell. I once reviewed a cafe in Carcoar truthfully, someone passed it on to the proprietor and she sent me several nasty nasty emails, which clearly proved that she was living in a shoebox in Carcoar!

      Anyway, I am so glad you agree. There are too many lousy places I have been to, and I have to find at least one positive thing. Yesterday I found the ‘High Tea Room’ at Chatswood Chase, but didn’t have time to try it. I had a great chat with the owner about whether she served Devonshire Teas. She told me about her difficulty in finding the right scone, so decided to bake them on the premises (which, in my opinion should be a given!). Anyway, I am going to give them a try next week. Maybe try it, it looks good, they have ‘Tea Centre’ loose leaf tea and serve it on Royal Dalton! It’s got to better than all the other options in Chatswood.

      Thanks for your comment. It makes me feel better that it’s not just that my standards are too high, and that it was just lousy!



  2. I can’t agree more that the service at Alice’s Café is so bad. We purchased a Groupon voucher to have High Tea. On the Voucher there isn’t any phone number for booking and only an email address. I sent out an email for booking but there is not any reply for over 12 hours. We turned out for the High Tea and was sent away by a rude girl, who required me for an email confirmation of booking. There is no such requirement states on the voucher, nor does it mentioned booking is required to be made XXX hours prior. After a few discussions, the Waitress said “that’s why it is cheap”. I think this has nothing to do with the purchase being a cheap one or an expensive one. She turned around and did not even looked at me. I also see a few people dining there was also complaining the service and the food.

    I suggest you do not try your luck with the café to avoid disappointment. It certainly not worthy, it will blow your day away and leave you with anger.


    • Hi Julie,

      That sounds terrible! I did have a look at the High Teas being served and they didn’t look very good at all. I did experience bad service as well, but I tried to be a little diplomatic as I wrote, as I have been abused by a cafe owner being blatantly truthful before. 🙂 I don’understand how the business is still running considering that the service and even product is so bad!

      Thanks for sharing.



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