People Cafe


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not a fan of cafes in shopping malls unless the said food court resembles the one in Westfields Sydney. With this in mind I swallow my reservations and try Peoples Cafe in Orange. I try both the plain and the date scones, and although they arrive looking cool on a breadboard, the presentation doesn’t make up for the fairly disappointing Devonshire Tea. The scones are bread-like with the plain scone tasting better than the date. It comes with one sachet of jam, which is lousy and not nearly enough, so I ask for another. The cream is definitely out of a can; tasteless and almost liquid by the time it hits the scone. I must say that it’s a comfortable place to be out of the 35-degree heat though.




Tea: A limited variety of T2 teabags.

Price: $$

Overall: Go as a last resort.

Location: Orange City Centre, Shop C8, Cnr Anson & Summer St Orange NSW 2800 Ph: 02 6362 7776
Reviewed in January, 2014

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