Foodoo Coffee Lounge


Tucked amongst the bed, bath and kitchen ware on level 5 of Myers Sydney City is relaxed Foodoo Coffee Lounge, which is an oasis for shoppers who need a break from chasing after Christmas sales. I’ve been past the cafe before, checking for scones at different times of the year, but this is the first time I have seen the cafe’s cabinets so well stocked. Maybe it’s due to the busy Christmas period, I’m not sure, but I find scones wedged in the corner. Impressive are the 15 choices of Tea Tonic loose-leaf teas – a shame the teapots aren’t a tad bigger though. You can order as many scones as you like, so I try one and it arrives with one portion of jam, which is definitely not enough, and a big squirt of cream from a can. The scone isn’t bad at all and would punch above average if served with better quality jam and cream. When I asked, there was no problem getting more jam for the other half of the scone.




Tea: A surprisingly great choice of Tea Tonic loose-leaf teas and some tea bag varieties.

Price: $$

Overall: A nice spot for a cup of Tea Tonic tea, but skip the scone.

Location: Level 5, 436 George St, Sydney 2000 NSW Ph: 02 9238 9111
Reviewed in December, 2013

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