Sublime Point Cafe

DT@Sublime Point Cafe -Wollongong#3

When you drive up to Sublime Point, the first thing you notice is the view. Sprawled out 416m below are Wollongong’s northern beaches and as far as the eye can see both north and south along the coast and on a clear day, views from the escarpment don’t get better than this. Walk up or down the 850m track, depending on how energetic you feel, as it’s one of the few walks that link the coastal foothills and the plateau. I am told Sublime Point Cafe re-opened about nine months ago, and I’m glad it did because what a place to dine?  Open from Wednesday through to Sunday, the views speak for themselves attracting the crowds on weekends, especially in good weather. I hit the tail end of lunch where several large tables are celebrating, so I have a bit of a wait for my scones. Considering the location, overall the Devonshire Tea is pretty average; ordinary jam (whereby I ask for a second spoonful), cake-like and slightly crumbly scones, and only the whipped cream gets any merit. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, a big plus.




Tea: A selection of Madura teabags served in a sweet little teapot.

Price: $$

Overall: Go for the spectacular views.

Location: Sublime Point Lookout, Bulli Tops NSW 2516 Ph: 02 4267 1855
Reviewed in December, 2013

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