Cafe Bon Ton


I’ve always neglected to check the French influenced bistro, Cafe Bon Ton, for scones. So it was by chance one day when passing that I see ‘Devonshire Teas’ scribbled up on the blackboard – risky business considering there’s at least another six cafes doing scones in Leura. But, not all places are equal, and sometimes I wonder why establishments bother serving mediocre scones. Rest assured it’s definitely not the case at Cafe Bon Ton. Housed in a splendid 1917 historic building, with an inviting leafy garden for the warmer months, the place is sophisticated yet cosy inside, and includes a few tables in a glass atrium that leads out to the courtyard. The scones are big, and look delicious, although they have a slight ‘been in the microwave for too long’ taste. The jam is quite good and even hints as homemade, but a tad runny, and I liken it to jam I have made. But the star of the show, the crème de la crème of the Devonshire Tea, is the clotted cream. I make the mistake of trying to spread it on top of my jam – no go – it’s so thick I can’t get it off my knife.




Tea: A good variety of loose-leaf teas.

Price: $$$

Overall: The shady garden is a gem for summer outdoor dining.

Location:  192 Leura Mall, Leura NSW 2780 Ph: 02 4782 4377
Reviewed in November, 2013

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