Cape Byron Lighthouse Cafe

DT@The Lighthouse Cafe - Byron Bay#

The highlight of any visit to Byron Bay is no doubt the coastal walk to Cape Byron Lighthouse. Passing some of the regions most expensive real estate, the walk along Clarkes Beach, through surf hotspot – The Pass, and Wategoes Beach, is an ideal way to approach Australia’s most easterly point. The views are undeniably spectacular, and depending on your timing it’s a viewing platform for migrating whales and pods of dolphins. If you can’t manage to rent the Lighthouse Keepers Quarters for a night or two, the next best thing is to spend a few hours at The Cape Byron Lighthouse Cafe – the views are mesmerising. I can’t say the scones, jam and cream are a match for the million-dollar views. I mean really – paper cups, plate and plastic knife? The wholemeal dates scones are average, but I actually don’t mind them. My company, four discerning foodies, are not happy – way too microwaved is their unanimous reply. I, on the other hand, am more concerned about my initial serve (not pictured here) that came with one portion packet of jam and a squirt of can cream right onto the plate. At least the next few plates arrive looking a tad more decent, but it’s still the sweet synthetic cream sprayed from a can and the jam is still less than ordinary. The tea is also NOT Madura, like the tins on the shelf suggest. I even asked and was told it was Madura Estate tea (local) – clearly not by the look of the tag on my tea bag. Do go for the view, and try their other goodies.




Tea: A few varieties of tea bags served in a take away cup.

Price: $$

Overall: You can’t beat the magnificent view.

Location: Lighthouse Rd, Byron Bay NSW 2481 Ph: 0413 419 435
Reviewed in November, 2013

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