The Terrace Tea Shop

DT@The Terrace Tea Shop - Bundanoon

I’m through the door and eagerly awaiting my scones early on a Wednesday morning and I’m not sure whether my timing guarantees me fresh scones. There’s a variety of seating areas at The Terrace Tea Shop, but I choose one of the nooks rather than the front or back outside areas as it’s blowing a gale. My scones arrive looking mighty fresh. They’re hearty but light and fluffy, and definitely out of the oven this morning. The raspberry jam is rich and thick, and it’s so good that I want more. I don’t often, actually I may have only come across ‘mock’ cream once, but the dollop of thick cream is reminiscent of the cream used in cream buns from when I was a kid. Not my favourite type of cream, but it works. The cafe is open from Wednesday to Sunday, so time your visit.




Tea: A selection of black loose-leaf teas and a massive range of herbal and green teas in tea bags served in a generous sized pot.

Price: $$

Overall: The type of cafe you could happily spend a few hours in.

Location: 27 Railway Pde, Bundanoon NSW 2578 Ph: 02 4883 6354
Reviewed in October, 2013


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