Ye Olde Bicycle Shoppe and Cafe

DT@Ye Olde Bicycle Shoppe - Bundanoon

I want the Devonshire Tea to be good so I can give it a great rap. Unfortunately it doesn’t cut the grade, which is a shame as Ye Olde Bicycle Shoppe and Cafe is cool. Outside on one of the walls of the 150-year-old building, you can’t but fail to notice the painted mural, plus the old-fashioned bike out the front, and dah, how about the cool name? In a town that only has one restaurant open 7 days a week for dinner (Chinese), this cafe is a hub of activity. The cafe doubles as a bike rental shop and is a magnet for cyclists, offering information on bike trails in the nearby Moreton National Park, plus you can buy any bike bits you may have forgotten. The bad news is that the scones are stale, too sweet and bread like, and the cream so light it’s almost liquid. I also find the peppermint tea a bit weak. As I said, I really enjoy the vibe, but they need to pick up their scone game.  I’m glad I asked for a half serve.




Tea: A selection of loose-leaf teas.

Price: $$

Overall: A hub for all manner of cycling stuff.

Location: 11 Church St, Bundanoon NSW 2578 Ph: 02 4883 6043
Reviewed in October, 2013

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