Idle in Cafe

DT@Idle in Cafe-Nana Glen#

Just 25 minutes from Coffs Harbour and a pretty drive south from Grafton, Nana Glen is Russell Crowe territory – although there’s absolutely nothing in the village that alludes to this fact. Idle in Cafe is the first, and I think only cafe I see in the village, but maybe the stunning countryside has mesmerised me so much that I fail to notice? Inside its pleasantly air-conditioned, but if you like to feel the heat sit out front under the shady awning or in the courtyard under the umbrellas. While ordering my Devonshire Tea, I can’t peel my eyes away from all the homemade goodies in the cake cabinet, already making a mental note of everything I’d like to try when I next pass by. I order only one scone, and yes it is indeed ‘the best homemade scone in town’, although as mentioned earlier, I don’t recall seeing another cafe. The cream is a tad too light for me, but otherwise, idle on in to Nana Glen for some chill out time.




Tea: Several varieties of loose-leaf tea.

Price: $$

Overall: A friendly relaxed cafe in a sleepy village.

Location: 30 Nana St, Nana Glen NSW 2450 Ph: 02 6654 3582
Reviewed in October, 2013

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