The Tilted Teaspoon Cafe

DT@The Tilted Teaspoon-Grafton#

What a cracker of a Devonshire Tea! Who would have thought that you could find spectacular scones in downtown Grafton? The Jacaranda City is living up to its namesake as the violet hues of the Jacaranda trees dominate the streets. The small cafe is attached, by an inner connecting door not by ownership, to an antique store. I don’t see any scones, but the girl behind the counter assures me they are available, and at the same time asks me to choose a jam. There’s at least about eight or so different varieties on the counter, and I go with the raspberry. I am quite surprised about the forthcoming apology, they only stock tea bags rather than loose-leaf teas, its kind of sweet.  While I wait, I take in my surrounds and notice that I am sitting at an old school desk that looks like its was sourced from my old primary school in the 1970s. My scone finally arrives, a delicate combination of fluffiness and slight crispness, and I’m annoyed that I only ordered one. It’s the sort of scone that’s perfect for a mid morning or afternoon snack and won’t interfere with your appetite for a more substantial meal later on. Wishing I had taken down the brand of the jam as it’s rich and fruity, and the cream is lovely and thick. This has gone straight on to my ‘top picks’ list!




Tea: A few varieties of tea bags served in a small tea-pot that reminds me of Cadbury’s marble chocolate.

Price: $

Overall: A little cafe with a cool name tucked discreetly away from the main shopping area.

Location: 122 Prince St, Grafton NSW 2460 Ph: 02 5618 8572
Reviewed in October, 2013

4 thoughts on “The Tilted Teaspoon Cafe

    • Hi Lisa,

      Oh no!! I do recommend calling first as it is a pain. I’ve been caught out so many times with places being closed, they have run out of scones or just don’t do scones anymore! It’s even more of a hassle if I can’t call because I am on the road and have no service.

      Hopefully next time when you are passing by.

      Thanks for sharing,



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