Wide River Cafe

DT@Wide River Cafe - Ulmarra#2

Just north of Grafton and a short diversion off the Pacific Highway lies the cute and quiet village of Ulmarra. Hugging the banks of the huge Clarence River (I’ve forgotten how wide rivers are on the Mid to North Coast), Ulmarra is a delightful stop for a pause from behind the wheel. There are a few antique shops and second-hand bookstores but I think the real treat is a stroll along the banks of the Clarence river. The beer garden at the Ulmarra Hotel looks inviting as well. Situated in an unattractive building, compared to the strip of shops on either side, the Wide River Cafe has plenty of umbrella shaded outdoor seating out the front and just as much inside. The cafe advertises ‘homestyle cooking’, and indeed the scones are such. The single scone arrives already jammed and creamed and although looks appetising is bland. The whipped cream is fresh but too light for me. As the mercury rises it could get quite hot in the front courtyard as there’s a lot of cement and the only shade is from the umbrellas.




Tea: A variety of ALDI Diplomat tea bags.

Price: $$

Overall: Cute village by the Clarence River.

Location: 7 Coldstream St, Ulmarra NSW 2462 Ph: 02 6644 4288
Reviewed in October, 2013

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