The Coachman Coffee Lounge

DT@The Coachman's Lounge-Tenterfield#

The first thing I notice as I enter The Coachman Coffee Lounge is the country music playing in the background. It’s probably the norm up here as it’s the second cafe that is tuned in to the same station. I prop myself up at a table that looks straight out on to the main drag of Tenterfield for a bit of people watching. Just as interesting is watching the traffic that’s either heading north to Queensland, south to Sydney or taking the Bruxner Highway to Casino. I hold my breath with the locals as a ‘wide load’; a couple of semi trailers carrying parts of a house squeeze through parked cars and almost taking them along as well. There’s a choice of plain or sultana scones, and half or full serve. I go with the latter on both accounts and am once again impressed with the Devonshire Tea quality in this town. The scone tastes like it’s straight from nanna’s kitchen; crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside. The cream is thick, perfectly whipped, even my green tea tastes great. The only let down is the average jam. I love the little trivet that comes for my teapot!




Tea: Some loose-leaf teas and more tea bag variety available.

Price: $$

Overall: A true blue local cafe.

Location: 234 Rouse St, Tenterfield NSW 2372 Ph: 02 6736 2224
Reviewed in October, 2013

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