The Old Bell Tower


Situated in a converted old church, The Old Bell Tower Café is just as much a gift shop as a café. Chock-a-block full of different styles of giftware and currently, cool Christmas decorations, you can do some shopping after indulging having a bite to eat. Either sit indoors at the jumble of tables in the corner (the rest is the kitchen and shelves of goodies to buy) or in the leafy and flower filled courtyard out the back. Also handy is the carpark out the back that leads straight in to the courtyard. You can order a half or full serve of the lemonade scones, depending on how hungry you are. Although the jam and cream are on the ordinary side, the scones are exceptional; tasty, light and fluffy. The website says that they sell ‘old wares’ and ‘antiques’, but to be honest, my partner and I didn’t really see any (we’ve been scouring places for old wares for years). Everything looked new, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t there. If you drop by make sure you have a really good poke around.




Tea: A good variety of T2 loose-leaf teas.

Price: $$

Overall: A good vibe and a place to pick up a gift or trinket.

Location: 152 Marius St, Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph: 02 6761 2785
Reviewed in October, 2013

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