Sublime Lounge


As soon as I enter through the huge doors at the Fairmont Resort I notice the views of the Jamison Valley on the other side of the lobby. What a killer view to have with your scones! Instead I take a sharp left to the Sublime Lounge and find a seat in the corner that looks over the swimming pools and man-made lagoon. It’s warm, but the fire is burning, which feels odd and I hear the group of four who sits next to me (the place is empty) comment on this. By this time I have already started on my fruit scones, and I feel bad saying this – they are terrible. They are straight out of the oven, made to order, but after tearing the scones in half, the bottom half is definitely rock hard. The top half is edible – just, but I don’t understand why the scones have become really hard and dry, within minutes. The lovely waitress apologizes profusely and wants to get me some more, but I decline. She adds that every plate of scones served that morning has been devoured without complaint, hence my feeling bad.  I like the fresh berries served with the cream although the strawberry jam is pretty standard. Back to the group who sit next to me – they cancel their order and head to the Megalong Valley Tea Rooms. I suggest you give it a try, perhaps I was just unlucky. The Devonshire Tea is served Monday to Friday from 10 – 5pm.




Tea: The Devonshire Tea is served with a small variety of ‘traditional’ tea (tea bags). For a surcharge you can have loose-leaf tea by La Maison Du The.

Price: $$

Overall: Pleasant and relaxed, an ideal winter choice.

Location: 1 Sublime Point Rd, Leura NSW 2780 Ph: 02 4784 414
Reviewed in September, 2013

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